Passive Class by Lee Murray


What is Passive Class in short?

Passive Class is a lead capture hub where you’ll have the option to construct 2 lists, your own personal list, and Lee’s list. Your next question may be, why would I need to fabricate Lee’s list? All good, but give me a moment and I’ll explain it to you.

When you’re a member of Passive Class you’re going to get instant approval to promote Passive Class. Individuals who pursue a FREE Passive Class participation through your affiliate link will be presented with the upsells, the same way as you were when you joined. So when they choose to purchase any of the upsells, you are getting paid a commission.

But it doesn’t stop there, as Lee is the maker of Passive Class, every individual who joins will consequently go onto his email list. Furthermore, here is the place where the magic begins, Lee will advance the upsells utilizing a hard-coded connect ( Your Link ) in an email follow-up series. So everyone who joined under you will be given the upsells again in Lee’s messages, in the event that they make a move now you actually get the commission!

So as you can see growing Lee’s list isn’t bad after all as he will do the promotion for you.

Now I recommend strongly building your own list as well, simply make a squeeze page for individuals to opt-in before you send them to the FREE Passive Class membership. Or then again you could go for the upsell where Lee offers you a DFY squeeze page and a 7-day follow-up series. I decided to build my own which took me around 15 minutes to make one with Getresponse.

As well as being a lead capture hub, Passive Class is also a great course on the best way to build passive income and to create an email list. The training consists of 18 video’s and Lee will also give suggestions of recurring income programs.

To top things off, Lee is also giving you totally FREE access to his Dirty 30 strategy, which is essentially another all-out seminar on the best way to get free traffic by building a blog the “Lee Murray way”. Now you may say, I don’t want to make a blog because I have no time to do this. Well, let me tell you it isn’t, you’ll be surprised how fast your blog is filled and monetized with content if you follow the simple instructions inside Dirty 30.

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